Nicholas Biondo
- New York's Artistic
                                           Event Photogr
I invite you to evaluate my
 Actual Free Photo Touch-ups
as delivered to my clients
 by clicking
on this link:

Here is my 'No Strings' Exclusive Free Offer,
My  'Thank You'  to you for taking 
a brief moment of your time to submit your
request to 'Check Your Date's Availability'  by clicking 
on the above link.
This is my 'No Strings'  EXCLUSIVE Special Offer
designed for You when you book with me

**  Every Image Of Your Event Will Receive My Professional Touch-up When I Determine An Image Needs It.

** Your images will have Spot Free Clothes, Glare Free Eyeglasses, no Stray Hair, No Missing Buttons, Loose Laces, etc., etc.

** Your Images will have no 'Telling Wrinkles', when judged appropriate by me to do so.

** Your images will have no Debris in the Aisles nor on the Floors.
Your photos will have no Background Distractions such as Exit Signs, Clocks, Grafitti, etc., etc.

The value of my Free Touch-up service to you
 is Priceless when it involves your Cherished Moments.

To Qualify for my Free Offer all you have to do is
Click on the 'Check Your Date's Availability' link above
 and take a few moments to provide me with with a few details of your event.

As soon as you submit your request to me
I will lock in this offer for your event
by my return email to you.

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